Philly ETE 2016 #23 – A. Jesse Jiryu Davis – Dodge Disasters and March to Triumph as a Mentor

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Good engineers write good code, but the best engineers raise the skills of their junior colleagues, too. If you’re a senior engineer, you must learn to mentor new hires. Especially if you’re committed to diversity: mentorship is critical to the careers of women and minorities in tech. I have failed at mentoring, then succeeded. I distinguished five warning signs that a mentorship will fail, and five prerequisites that make a mentorship very likely to succeed. Learn from me, and march to mentorship triumph.

About A. Jesse:

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis is a staff engineer at MongoDB in New York City. He is the author of Motor, the async MongoDB Python driver. He leads development of the MongoDB C Driver and is a member of the PyMongo team. Jesse is the co-author with Guido van Rossum of a chapter on async Python coroutines in the book “500 Lines Or Less” in the Architecture of Open Source Applications series.