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We offer Chariot-developed courses in Angular, React, and AWS. All of our courses are hands-on with lab exercises including solutions you can run later from your own machine. We can customize delivery, tailoring the topics to your specific needs.

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Introduction to AWS for Developers

Get the basics you need for developing and managing AWS cloud applications. Attend our AWS fundamentals course and become fluent in developing and managing applications and services in the cloud. This course requires some application development skills and some familiarity with managing server-based applications.
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4 days

Angular: Fundamentals and Architecture

Learn to develop Angular applications with TypeScript and become productive immediately on your current project. Test with Jasmine and Angular’s test APIs, Use the Router, Modules, RxJS Observables, Reactive Forms, networking APIs, and more. This course is kept current with major releases of the Angular framework.
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4 days

React and Friends – An Intro to React, Redux, React Router and related APIs

Learn React and the latest JavaScript language features and build performant, component-driven applications quickly. Unlike other platforms, React is a small core API surrounded by a number of third party libraries. We’ll teach you how to develop applications using React, Redux, React Router, Axios, and other popular React-friendly APIs. Techniques such as building forms, testing with JEST, and handling asynchronous tasks will be discussed.
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