DevNews #20 – Start, Finish, or Play the Game

Amongst our weaponry… Understanding iOS 4 Backgrounding and Delegate Messaging @ Dr. Touch mxcl’s homebrew at master – GitHub Homebrew: OS X’s Missing Package Manager | Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog amf.js – A Pure JavaScript AMF Implementation The Incredible, Growing, Commercial Hadoop Market — GigaOM Pro Another Chance To Win a TShirt: What … Read More

TechCast #34 – James Ward on Flex 4, Flash Builder, and more

Today’s guest is James Ward, of Adobe Systems.  James is a technology evangelist on Flex and AIR solutions for Adobe.  We talked about the upcoming Flex 4.0 SDK, Flash Builder (the new name for Flex Builder) and other topics such as remoting, AMF and various implementations of the AMF format. This is a good podcast … Read More