The State of Angular 2.0: Are we there yet?

At Chariot, we've been Tracking the replacement of AngularJs with a from-the-bottom-up rewrite called Angular 2 for over a year and a half now. Let’s look at where the framework stands as it has released RC2 late last week and RC3 today.

Top technologies we're watching in early 2013

From cloud computing to Javascript, from micro services to repeatable environments, from Android and HTML 5 to Big Data and concurrent programming, Chariot’s engineers are keeping watch. Here you’ll find a list of technologies to pay attention to in 2013.

DevNews #23 – I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles…

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It’s the summer, and I was away on vacation…) Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions… Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on at Links you can use! Release Notes – Grails … Read More