DevNews 82 – We discuss Dashing dashboards, our favorite Vagrant, ECMAScript 6 (look, ma, CLASSES) and of course we rant…

You miss a week, you get, well, more articles. See what the DevNews team has come up with this week – we talk about the unveiling of the BitCoin Founder (maybe?), Mt. Gox a bit, software patents (and Ken brings up his old trope – Unlocking the Sky IS a good book!), the new Vagrant and Vagrant remote client, how Cell Phone Unlocking WOULD have been great if the lobbyists could have stopped tweaking it, and more.

DevNews #70 – Droids and flying robots taking over the world and Scala.JS

Lots of tech news available today, none of it (well aside from DNA crunching) needs an advanced degree! We have news on Typesafe’s Jamie Allen’s keynote at JAXEnter 2013 in London, two robot stories, a tale about lost bitcoins, DNA Analysis in Javascript, and Githubs expanding contexts for diffs. Also, Joel brings us a review of his first impressions with Ember.js and micro-services are exploding – what does that mean for the enterprise CTO / CIO who bets on that strategy? Find out by listening… It’s all here in the DevNews.

Chariot Developer News Episode #51 – More dev history, new Web IDE, Big Data debates, and more

New AWS feature – Resource permissions for EC2 RDS History of tech – Vannivar Bush and Douglas Engelbart intersected – he read Vannivar’s future of tehchnology paper – Another browser-based IDE, but this one has lots of integration – Developers begin to focus new efforts on tablets, phones hold steady … Read More