DevNews 82 – We discuss Dashing dashboards, our favorite Vagrant, ECMAScript 6 (look, ma, CLASSES) and of course we rant…

You miss a week, you get, well, more articles. See what the DevNews team has come up with this week – we talk about the unveiling of the BitCoin Founder (maybe?), Mt. Gox a bit, software patents (and Ken brings up his old trope – Unlocking the Sky IS a good book!), the new Vagrant and Vagrant remote client, how Cell Phone Unlocking WOULD have been great if the lobbyists could have stopped tweaking it, and more.

Google's new Mobile Chrome Apps framework, what is it?

Google has announced and released a preview for porting Chrome Apps to mobile devices. Tentively called Mobile Chrome Apps the whole thing can be found over at Github. What this does is bring most the Chrome Web app API to Android and iOS. It does that by wrapping up cordova/phonegap with some custom plugins in a tool that allows import of those existing web apps.