DevNews #19 – Releases Releases, oh pay me, HTML5 salary please

Chariot Developer News Episode #19 Hosts: Ken Rimple and Eric Snyder The watchword this week is Release… Many releases upcoming or out, including FireFox 4 beta/preview 1, Tomcat 7 beta 1, and the upcoming Passenger 3 and GMail with HTML 5. Links are not being loaded to delicious yet, so here they are in their … Read More

DevNews #15 – Macros, Compositional UI vs HTML/CSS, Python and Ruby goodness

It has been quite a dry spell in podcast land for the listeners.  We’ve been recovering from running Philly ETE last month, and are just starting to dig out.  Content will now start coming out in regular frequency again on the Techcast. *Phew!* This DevNews edition is more of a housecleaning of links than before. … Read More