Philly ETE 2019 – Jonathan Ellis – Five Lessons in Distributed Databases

Abstract It’s been ten years since the first mainstream distributed databases launched. In that time, we’ve seen hype (NoSQL/NewSQL will do everything!), disillusionment (you still can’t beat the CAP theorem), and consolidation (to basically Cassandra and MongoDB). Meanwhile, the big three cloud vendors each launched their own products, and the industry is collectively starting to … Read More

Android Advanced Cursors

If you have been doing Android development for even a little while, you have probably used the provided SQLite functionality to store and retrieve data in a local database on the Android device. If not, you can head over to Lars Vogel’s excellent tutorial website to see how it all works, or to get a refresher. For … Read More

Full-Text Search For Relational Data

Thanks to internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, everyone has become accustomed to searching their data effortlessly. Consequently, as developers of web-based applications, we increasingly find that our customers’ requirements include being able to search their application’s data in a “Google-like” way. For a very small subset of applications that only need to … Read More

Why You Need NoSql in Your Toolbox

Even if you work for Oracle, you still need NoSql databases in your toolbox. One size does not fit all for programming languages, operating systems, IDEs, shoes, bailouts, or anything else. But for a long time now, many developers have been told that relational databases are really the only choice for persistence. If you need … Read More