Functional Reactive Programming

ETE 2015 – Colin Eberhardt – Swift, Reactive Cocoa… Better Together

ReactiveCocoa is an elegant framework that radically changes the way we structure our applications and handle flows of data. However, it’s beauty is somewhat marred by Objective-C! In this talk I will cover the basics of ReactiveCocoa and the principles of Functional Reactive Programming. Through simple practical examples I will show how ReactiveCocoa and Swift form a beautiful partnership.

Philly ETE #31 – Functional Reactive Programming in Elm – Evan Czaplicki

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From the abstract: Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is a simple and elegant way to design and structure interactive code, like games and GUIs. Elm is a young functional language that brings this approach to the web, allowing you to easily create complex interactions. This talk will fully explain the key concepts of Functional Reactive Programming, … Read More