Testing Angular 2.0.x Services and Http with Jasmine and Karma

So you’d like to test your HTTP services in Angular 2.0 but you don’t know how? Have some background in Angular 1’s ngMock library? Or just want to see how it’s done? Read this article and follow along with the provided GitHub repo to learn how. Chariot’s Ken Rimple, co-author of our Angular 2 and React training courses, shows you how.

Testing Http Services in Angular 2 with Jasmine (RC1+)

Right now it's hard to find samples of tests against Angular 2 observable Http code for developers in the current beta. Some of the things you have to watch out for are non-obvious. I expect this will improve vastly over time, but for now hopefully you'll get some working code samples from me to get you going. This post will show you how it’s done.

Philly ETE 2015 – Ken Rimple – Want es.next now? Traceur your way back to ES5 and feel the Harmony

In this talk, we’ll roll up our sleeves and use JavaScript 6 features TODAY, on our browsers, writing our code with real ES 6 classes, testing with Karma, running with Gulp and NodeJS. We’ll explore the extensions that let us perform type checking of our methods. We’ll also discuss what areas of the spec to avoid, and how to write your code so it will take advantage of these features while still running well today. Let’s get ready for the future, and start reaping the benefits now.

JavaScript's Modern Tools – Grunt – Ant for the Browser?

In our prior JavaScript build tools posts, we already discussed bower and npm, two tools that help you download and install dependencies. But what about tools to build your application, run tests, distribute minified versions and run quality checks? Enter Grunt.