Ken Rimple

Philly ETE 2014 #9 – An Introduction to Angular JS – Ken Rimple

AngularJS is an MVC JavaScript framework that has been extending itself into the enterprise like ivy on a wall. There are several reasons: dependency injection, strong testability and the ability to define business services and UI components lead the list. Ken Rimple takes a quick tour of Angular and discusses its current state, and offers tips for beginning developers.

Philly ETE 2014 – Ken Rimple – AngularJS 101

I presented a basic tutorial on AngularJS at Philly ETE this year, pinch hitting for a speaker who had to cancel at the last minute. My slides end abruptly, however, the points are made and for more information I refer you to our website content on AngularJS, as well as our two-day training course. For … Read More