Philly ETE 2021 — Observability and You — Keith Gregory

Abstract Last night your biggest client couldn’t access their account. It’s now 9 AM, and in a half hour you, your boss, and the VP of Client Support are going to get on a call with that client. Can you explain what went wrong and the steps you’re taking to make sure it doesn’t happen … Read More

Testing Http Services in Angular 2 with Jasmine (RC1+)

Right now it's hard to find samples of tests against Angular 2 observable Http code for developers in the current beta. Some of the things you have to watch out for are non-obvious. I expect this will improve vastly over time, but for now hopefully you'll get some working code samples from me to get you going. This post will show you how it’s done.

Angular 2 Beta 0 (somnambulant-inauguration) lands – Small App with Rxjs, TypeScript

Now that sonambulent-inauguration, properly known as Angular 2.0.0-beta.0, has dropped, let’s see what the public API is shaping up to be. We’ll review how to create a component from the application bootstrap, using the Http API to fetch a JSON object from HTTP, and see how the template API has changed now that we have to use camelCased property names.

Angular2 Observables, Http, and separating services and components

What Angular1 brought, Angular2 takes away – for a good reason. No more Promises in ng2! See how observables make Angular2 a reactive, functional platform. We’ll roll up our sleeves and get something practical done with Angular2’s Http service, and we’ll get some data via the new Http service – it's quite a bit different than the Angular 1 $http service semantically, but serves the same purpose, but is also more fully featured.