DevNews #65 – Apple’s patent for touching glass with fingers is upheld?

Links A great presentation by Joe Sondow on the Netflix Asgard Project– a Grails application server that deploys to AWS. Highlights include: Obama for America used it to keep its sites rolling and alive Used to be Netflix Application Console It is only one of the open source projects on Netflix’s GitHub page. Reasons not … Read More

DevNews #63 – Robots that gallop, IDEs written in HTML, a browser swarm, what’s next?

The links Sponsored by Haydle – ask, answer and rate answers to your company’s questions, Data I/O 2013 a conference featuring a variety of technologies and techniques for dealing with large-scale and sophisticated data, and Chariot Education Services, providing training in Java, Spring, Maven/Nexus, Groovy/Grails, Hibernate, Map/Reduce and more. Codio: A Web IDE (Javascript / HTML, CSS, etc.) … Read More