UX Product Evaluation

Quickly identify the ‘low-hanging fruit’ for improving your software

Often there are fast and painless ways to make significant improvements to the usability of your software with a relatively small development effort. We utilize established industry best-practices as well as our decades of software design experience to identify opportunities for improvement.

We work closely with your team to understand both the technical constraints as well as the business objectives so we can quickly make suggestions that will have a large impact. Then, we help prioritize the improvements and start with those that have minimal development time.

Two designers evaluating a product's UX

The benefits of identifying and prioritizing UX improvements

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Increased Efficiency
An ounce of design improvements now will save a ton of development updates later. The up-front effort your team puts towards establishing a better user experience will multiply over time as your product expands. Great software teams not only work to mitigate “tech-debt”, but also strive to avoid “UX debt.”

Build a Better Product
A lot of software today is riddled with frustrations and is not intuitive to use. Most software products have stiff competition so it is those with the best user experience that usually end up ahead. Even small changes can make a huge difference for your customers.

Improve Collaboration Across Teams
Conducting a UX evaluation can help developers work faster while avoiding redundant tasks. Having a crystal clear design blueprint can take the guesswork out of development. Also, ensuring there is consistency in the UI throughout the software makes it easier for developers to reuse code where possible.

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