Corey Latislaw

Top Questions To Ask When Choosing an Android Development Firm or Developer

Now that we understand the implications and challenges of embarking on an Android project, let’s discuss how to find the right firm or developer for the job! You are ultimately responsible for the application – even if you go the outsourcing route. Things happen, disagreements happen, and turn over happens. The likelihood is high that … Read More

iPhone 5 Quick Tip: How to add letterboxing back to your iOS 6 app

So you’ve removed letterboxing from your iPhone 5 app by adding a Default-568h@2x.png launch image. And there was much rejoicing. Except now all of your layouts are messed up, and you’re supposed to push an app update through to the store tomorrow. So you delete the Default-568h@2x.png launch image and…nothing. Your app still seems to be … Read More

So You Want To Build An Android App?

If you’re reading this, you likely have an iPhone/iPad (iOS) application and are interested in expanding to the Android platform. You’ve probably already asked the hard questions to define what you want, why you want it, and how it fits into your roadmap. This article will help your business understand the impact of the Android … Read More

Android Unit Testing With Robolectric

Are you interested in adding Robolectric to your development process? Here’s a quick introduction to the most common types of test cases and some best practices to consider when deciding your testing strategy. I’ve created two example apps for your reference. The first is a glorified Hello World and the other is a simple animation … Read More

Integrating Robolectric with IntelliJ

Unit testing is a best practice, but has been particularly difficult in Android. One library that makes this process much simpler is Robolectric. Integration into your project can be tricky and most methods start with maven and create an Android project from scratch. I’m a huge fan of living in IDE-land as much as possible, … Read More

Android 101: A Crash Course

Tomorrow is Chariot Day! Charioteers will give 45 minute presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including enterprise Java techniques, mobile, and Arduinos. I’m planning a dive into Android and teaching concepts along the way. At the end of my session, students will away with a simple Doctor Who app and learn about these foundation topics: XML … Read More