Jenn Rappaport

Philly ETE 2014 #22 – ZooKeeper for the Skeptical Architect – Camille Fournier

From the abstract: ZooKeeper is everywhere these days. It’s a core component of the Hadoop ecosystem. Your favorite startup probably uses it internally. But as every good skeptic knows, just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should use it. In this talk I will go over the core uses of ZooKeeper in the wild … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #21 – Understanding Latency: Pitfalls, Lessons & Tools – Gil Tene

From the abstract: Understanding application responsiveness and latency is critical not only for delivering good application behavior but also for maintaining profitability and containing risk. However, good characterization of bad data is useless. If measurements of response time present false or misleading latency information, even the best analysis can lead to wrong operational decisions and … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #19 – Testing Mobile with Appium – Fil Maj

From the abstract: Are you testing your mobile apps? Why not? Appium ( allows for UI testing in browsers, hybrid and native apps. Appium is open source, built on top of WebDriver for test compatibility and supports iOS, Android, and FirefoxOS. Fil shows how you can use Appium to test your apps across a variety … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #18 – Reactive Web Development with Play on Java 8 – James Roper

From the abstract: Java 8 heralds a new era of reactive programming, with lambdas and promises taking the limelight as the bright new features of the language. To best take advantage of these features, Play Framework offers a ground up asynchronous full stack web framework, with a high velocity development environment, making it the most … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #17 – Reactive APIs With Spray – Jan Machacek

From the abstract: Jan will show how the principles of reactive design apply to APIs. In particular, Jan will show how to serve & consume REST APIs using Scala and Spray. The talk will explain the components in Spray, how they build on each other to offer convenient abstractions, and how you can easily combine … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #16 – Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood – Brian Goetz

From the abstract: The big language features for Java SE 8 are lambda expressions (closures) and default methods (formerly called defender methods or virtual extension methods). Adding closures to the language opens up a host of new expressive opportunities for applications and libraries, but how are they implemented? You might assume that lambda expressions are … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #15 – How We Built a Cloud Platform Using Netflix OSS – Carl Quinn

From the abstract: The Netflix OSS Cloud stack is clearly a great set of components for building a cloud infrastructure and platform—if you are Netflix. But how does that architecture work for other businesses? Learn how at Riot we leveraged Netflix OSS Cloud tools and platform components to create a complete infrastructure for hosting our … Read More

Philly ETE 2014 #14 – Distributed Systems and the End of the API – Chas Emerick

From the abstract: “Every system is a distributed system” has become a common catchphrase among distributed system theoreticians and distributed database vendors…and they’re right. What hasn’t become common are actionable discourse about what this concretely implies for real-world systems, and how it differs from the status quo. Drawing inspiration from and parallels with some of … Read More