Joel Confino

The Ultimate Power of Spring Batch

Chariot architect Anatoly Polinsky has created an interactive Prezi presentation about the power of Spring Batch. It is an animated blog post because Anatoly is not just a software developer, he’s an artist. It is a cool way to get familiar with what Spring Batch does for you and a lot of fun to watch. … Read More

Growing Up with Jenkins/Hudson, Nexus, and Sonar, Part 1

In my previous post I explained why I think you should use Jenkins (or his twin Hudson), Nexus, and Sonar to super-charge your Maven builds. To summarize, Jenkins is a continuous integration server that runs your builds, Nexus is an artifact repository that versions and stores your jars/wars/zips/etc, and Sonar is a metrics server that … Read More

Machine Learning: Google Prediction API

Loosely speaking, machine learning is using a computer to recognize patterns in data, and then make predictions about new data based on what it has learned. It is like a marriage between computer science and statistics. Besides its most obvious application (an army of sentient robots which wages war against mankind a.k.a. Skynet), there are … Read More

Making the Most of Maven: Nexus, Hudson, Sonar

Maven is a build tool. I like Maven because it supports dependency management, consistent builds and a modular code base. But if you are just using Maven without using Nexus, Hudson, Sonar you are really missing out on a lot of goodness. Nexus is a Maven repository manager, Hudson is a CI server, and Sonar … Read More

Why You Need NoSql in Your Toolbox

Even if you work for Oracle, you still need NoSql databases in your toolbox. One size does not fit all for programming languages, operating systems, IDEs, shoes, bailouts, or anything else. But for a long time now, many developers have been told that relational databases are really the only choice for persistence. If you need … Read More