Tracey Welson-Rossman

Strategies for Addressing Tech Debt

Ignoring tech debt because it’s expensive doesn’t make the problem go away — it only kicks the can down the road. Businesses should approach technical debt as a routine, scheduled part of their development process.

The Importance of Communication in MVP Product Design

Successful collaboration requires great two-way communication.  That sentiment is core to our product design philosophy here at Chariot Solutions. A critical part of our job is to help balance client and user needs against a project’s budget and technology realities.  This is especially true when building a minimum viable product (MVP). If budget and technology … Read More

Twentieth Anniversary: Philadelphia Emerges as an Innovation Center

We’ve been celebrating Chariot Solutions’ 20-year anniversary this year with a series of lookbacks across specific industries, team members and types of technologies. But any reflection on the last two decades would be incomplete without a deep dive on the tech-related changes in our hometown of Philadelphia during that same span. The pre-Y2K tech scene … Read More