Converting a Java Spring application to Scala

Supposedly Scala requires a completely different programming style. But what happens when you just want a Spring application? Is it possible to program in Scala without jumping in the deep end? Chariot’s John Shepard illustrates the difference in approach in this quick tutorial.

Order Out Of Chaos – Maintaining ordered processing of messages in AKKA actors

The reactive paradigm is a wonderful thing. The basic idea is that a reactive application, as much as possible, is asynchronous from beginning to end. It should be event driven, fault tolerant, scalable and responsive. Writing an asynchronous application, however, has it’s own set of unique challenges. In this post I’ll demonstrate an approach we took to solve the challenge of maintaining a definite order, specifically when performing database updates in asynchronous code within an actor.

Twilio SMS Receive – Crazy Simple

Twilio is a cloud based service that enables you to programmatically make and receive phone calls and SMS messages using their simple API. We’ll see how to receive and send SMS messages using Twilio and a simple Django app.

Effective Testing: Don't Read the Spec First!

By acting like a first-time or uneducated user of a system, I’m more likely to come across errors not found on the system’s “happy path”, often turning up more “page not found” or “an error has occurred” messages.

Go Go Golang

Eric Snyder recently wrote a post about comparing Clojure and Go on his blog.

“There are 2 programming languages that I am into at the moment, Clojure and Go (http://golang.org). They seem to be opposites of each other in many ways, how can I love both?”

5 Tips for Big Software Projects

Software development isn’t easy. And the bigger the software gets, the harder it is to build right from the ground up. Here are 5 things to consider to bump the odds in your favor.

A Guiding "Light" to Learning Clojure

I’ve recently started learning Clojure after a little encouragement from co-worker of mine.  I’ve been developing in Java for a while now and spent the last 1 1/2 years with Groovy.  The Groovy experience was great and the use of closures certainly “whet my appetite” for functional programming. Ok, for me, when I learn something … Read More