Apple's Developer Conference

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Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is taking place this week in San Francisco. A couple of Chariot people are at WWDC this year. Due to some restrictions, we can’t tell about everything they are learning at the sessions.
Fortunately we can write about the keynote at WWDC, which included multiple interesting announcements.
At a high level, we felt that this year’s keynote was more about the developer than in previous years. Some of the highlights for our team were:
Extensibility – iOS apps can now offer services (like Android)
The Touch ID API looks like it could be good to integrate into apps. There are also a lot of other new APIs that we want to look into that will enrich app capabilities.
We are excited to learn more details of HealthKit and HomeKit (go Bluetooth Low Energy!). We believe it’s a step in the right direction to aggregate device information rather than requiring a separate app for every bit of hardware.
Handoff, Continuity and the iMessage / Phone / Computer integration could be very good for people with Macs and iPhones. This is probably a big win for normal users.
And of course, we are very interested to see what Swift, the newest development language means.
Unfortunately that is all we can discuss right now. We will be updating our blog with insights into what we learned at WWDC as we are allowed.