How do Apple's new iPhones impact your applications?

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Apple is releasing two new iPhones and the latest version of their OS, iOS 8. If you have or are planning iOS applications, this news directly impacts those plans. Here are some things that you need to be thinking about:

New device sizes create new UI opportunities

  • Touch targets can be made larger
  • Crowded screens can be redesigned to take advantage of the additional real estate.
  • It may be necessary to introduce new navigation paradigms, as buttons may be hard to reach with one hand

If you have applications that are currently in development

  • Are you applications built using auto layout?
  • How will your application’s look when the is scaled for the device?
  • What additional assets needed to support the new screen resolutions?
  • How can you application take advantage of the additional screen real estate these new devices provide?

What about iOS 8?

  • Have you tested you application on iOS 8?
  • Can you take advantage of any of the new features like Extensions or TouchID? Extensions allow things like widgets on the notification screen, social sharing, sharing functionality with other apps, custom keyboards, etc.. TouchID makes use of the device finger print scanner as a form of authentication.
  • Can you application take advantage of Handoff?
  • What about any of the other new frameworks or features in this release, can they be integrated into your application?

There is a lot to consider as a result of these new iPhones and their latest operating system. Let Chariot Solutions help you tackle these challenges and take advantage of these new opportunities.