Chariot Day 2021: A Recap

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Chariot Day is a longstanding company tradition where Charioteers give presentations on topics about which they are passionate. The topics may be, but don’t necessarily have to be, related to software development. I am a new Chariot member, and I was eagerly looking forward to my first Chariot Day.

This year’s presentations were all over the map: From astrophotography to woodworking, from on-board automobile computer modules to sailing, and from writing a new face for a Garmin watch to the Internet of Things. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Astrophotography
  • Writing a watch face for Garmin devices
  • Using VMs to keep your clients isolated (and your main PC tidy)
  • Sailing
  • Fun Facts About Cars and Their Computers
  • NPM horror stories
  • Hacking on the M5Stack Core 2 AWS
  • Reigniting a love for woodworking during COVID
  • Journal My Health
  • A Python decorator case study

My first impression: Chariot Day is FUN. Being a new employee, and a new employee hired during COVID, I was very happy to meet my new co-workers in person. As trite as it sounds, it was great to put faces to the names and to get to know my co-workers as more than Slack icons but as real people.


Photo credit: Ken Rimple, our Director of Training & Mentoring


My second impression: I work with a whole bunch of VERY smart people. If you look at this years topics, you’ll see that many of them have very little to do with writing software for our customers. However, they all require an intelligence and dedication to learning and craft. The level of expertise was remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of the presentations I attended, and I learned something useful (or at least just fun to know) in every one of them.

All in all, Chariot day wildly exceeded my expectations. I look forward to attending many more.

This post was written by Stephen Griese, a software consultant here at Chariot.

You may be familiar with our public conference, Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, but it’s our private conference, Chariot Day, that internally reinforces one of our most important values: a commitment to learning and sharing knowledge. If you’re a curious, well-rounded engineer who values learning, we’re hiring – consider joining our team. You can browse open positions, learn more about our interview process, and apply here.