Life at Chariot

Developing A Coding Test for Data Engineering

Hiring good candidates is difficult. After nearly 40 years in this business, and interviewing hundreds of candidates, I’m not going to claim that I have the answer. Just some ideas.

Chariot Day 2023: A Recap

Chariot Day is a tradition here at Chariot Solutions where our colleagues share what they’ve been thinking about and hacking on.

Chariot Day 2021: A Recap

Chariot Day is a longstanding company tradition where Charioteers give presentations on topics about which they are passionate. The topics may be, but don’t necessarily have to be, related to software development. I am a new Chariot member, and I was eagerly looking forward to my first Chariot Day. This year’s presentations were all over … Read More

What do blockchain, IoT, and cookies have in common? …Chariot Day 2018!

Socrates once said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing about blockchain” // Your programming language might hate the environment! // Alexa can be a real jerk!!! // Chariot Day is an opportunity for Charioteers to share the things that they are most passionate about with other members of the Chariot family.

The O'Reilly AI Conference

I recently attended the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York where artificial intelligence practitioners showcased the impressive strides they’ve made so far in using AI for real-world applications

Recap – Chariot Day 2013 – Our internal conference…

One thing Chariot people love to do is learn new technologies and techniques. Being consultants constantly challenged in the field, keeping our blades sharp is key to doing battle. Every year or so we get together and run our own internal conference to see what each of our current passions are. We call it Chariot … Read More