Interview on JQuery


Two weeks ago, Chariot Solutions had a day long event for our consulting team. With the original name of Chariot Day, our team has a series of talks on all different subjects. Some of the talks are on topics which may never see the light of day in the enterprise, some are about more accepted tools. Some of those talks and presentations will be the beginnings for seminars we will host for the public.

I thought I would take advantage of having so many topics to choose from for interviews. I will be posting them as I have the time to edit them.

This first one, with Lyle Anderson, is on JQuery. Lyle gave a two-part presentation which was well attended by our architects. When I see that much interest from the team, I know this is a technology worth watching.

We are still waiting to confirm, but it looks like we will be having a talk at ETE 2010 ( by Yehuda Katz.