Kotlin Coroutines for Android Apps

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Chariot’s own Rod Biresch contributes to the Ray Wenderlich Android team with his first new content tutorial “Kotlin Coroutines Tutorial for Android: Advanced“. Rod took on the assignment to create a tutorial to give readers more in-depth knowledge of Kotlin Coroutines and how to best use them in Android apps.

Coroutines have been implemented in various programming languages for decades. A problem they address is how to efficiently perform asynchronous work with a finite set of resources. At a high-level, asynchronous programming is basically queuing work to run on background threads so that they can execute concurrently. There are many challenges with asynchronous programming namely working with limited resources in a system. Kotlin Coroutines effectively manages thread pools that are optimized for network and I/O computations. Coroutines provide the ability to “suspend” and “resume” work, which results in significant scalability even on systems with very limited resources.

In, Kotlin Coroutines Tutorial for Android : Advanced you will come away with a deeper understanding of Kotlin Coroutines and hands on experience.