Apple Silicon GPUs, Docker and Ollama: Pick two.

As part of our research on LLMs, we started working on a chatbot project using RAG, Ollama and Mistral. Our developer hardware varied between Macbook Pros (M1 chip, our developer machines) and one Windows machine with a "Superbad" GPU running WSL2 and Docker on WSL. All hail the desktop with the big GPU. We planned … Read More

Getting started with LLM in the Cloud with Amazon DLAMI EC2 Instances

Large Language Model (LLM) chatbots like ChatGPT are all the rage these days. You may be experimenting with building one of your own using a model runtime engine like Ollama, possibly accessing it with the LangChain API, maybe integrating it with a Vector Database for your custom data and using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), or … Read More

Aggregating Files in your Data Lake – Part 1

As I’ve written in the past, large numbers of small files make for an inefficient data lake. But sometimes, you can’t avoid small files. Our CloudTrail repository, for example, has 4,601,675 files as-of this morning, 44% of which are under 1,000 bytes long. In this post, I develop a Lambda-based data pipeline to aggregate these files, storing them in a new S3 location partitioned by date. Along the way I call out some of the challenges that face such a pipeline.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Custom Vite Plugin

ViteJS (Vite) has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting tools in the modern web development ecosystem. Vite offers developers a highly efficient and flexible build process with sane defaults to get a project up and running quickly. One of the many features that makes Vite truly stand out is its extensible Plugin API. … Read More

AWS CodeBuild and Flyway Database Migrations

Are you running a database with RDS? Would you like to manage it via migrations? This article explains how to use AWS CodeBuild to keep a database schema updated using Flyway, an open-source data migrations tool. Configuration is outlined via CloudFormation snippets. An AWS example repository is provided.

Get started with AWS IoT Core with a MKR WiFi 1010, a MKR Env Shield and this starter project

Introduction Today’s small microcontrollers offer impressive functionality and provide an opportunity to replace older, more expensive software and hardware. Consider the case where a facility wants to have control over devices or equipment, with rules that evaluate telemetry from sensors and activate, deactivate or regulate equipment and other devices. Many large facilities have systems in … Read More

AWS Lambda Development with Serverless Framework and LocalStack

Writing AWS Lambda functions using the Serverless Framework makes it easy to manage dependencies that your functions depend on as far as third-party packages or keeping track of the AWS resources that your service utilizes. The Serverless Framework automates a lot of the resource allocation and packaging of the functions with a CLI tool named … Read More