Technologies We're Watching in 2013

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From cloud computing to Javascript, from micro services to repeatable environments, from Android and HTML 5 to Big Data and concurrent programming, Chariot’s engineers are keeping watch.

The Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” is all around us.. or, well, we’d like it to be. From “Just in Time” delivery of bus or train schedules as you leave your house, to sensors tracking air quality in the city, from phones to smart clothing, the Internet of Things is about integrating ourselves with this data available all around us. Free of ‘apps’ and ‘services,’ the Internet of Things will make data available ‘just in time’ wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you get the data from WiFi, RFID or QR codes it’s out there, and we think that’s exciting!

Cloud Host Almost Everything!

If you’re a savvy IT person, it’s may have been a while since you provisioned your own Linux host on a Virtual Private Server or hosting plan. Cloud hosting isn’t emerging, it’s emerged and taking over. You’re likely to use a cloud-based service such as Heroku, Amazon EC2, SliceHost, or even Microsoft’s Windows Azure. There are private cloud partitioning services to protect your data from theft in co-location.  Companies such as CloudBees have been shifting so many services to the cloud that now they even provide development and QA platforms that provide your SVN or Git repositories, run Hudson or Jenkins, and provide Continuous Integration services.

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