Ken Rimple

Simplify and standardize your Redux configuration with Redux Toolkit

Are you using Redux to manage state in your React application, or thinking of rolling out Redux to simplify the prop passing and component state in your project? The Redux team has developed a toolkit to simplify and standardize some of the techniques used to roll out a Redux-based solution. Known as the Redux Toolkit, … Read More

Next.js, a framework for server generated/rendered/optimized React applications

In this series of articles, I'm going to discuss Next.js, a framework for serving React-based single-page applications. I'll show you why people are using it as a way to accelerate the speed of launching React applications, improve search indexing, and pre-rendering of static content. I'll also compare and contrast it to other similar platforms such … Read More

Running Cypress Tests on AWS CodeBuild

Cypress is a relatively new web testing tool that is easier to use than Selenium, and it’s gaining in popularity. But using it in a continuous integration environment like AWS CodeBuild requires some additional steps compared to running it directly on your own computer. This blog post contains helpful information to configure CodeBuild on AWS … Read More

Application Development Approaches in AWS Webinar

Chariot’s Ken Rimple, director of Training/Mentoring Services, will take you through some sample AWS architectures and the pros/cons of complexity, cost, and technical considerations for each one.