Mobile development and your team

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Throughout the next several weeks, we will be conducting interviews with speakers who will be speaking at the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference ( These interviews will give you some idea of the material we will be covering.

The first interview is with Mark Spence of Transmogrify and Rick Rasansky of Yorn. Rick and Mark will be on a panel discussion in the management track discussing why it is important to pay attention to mobile development for you company.

We tackle a different issue here. Helping your development team get up and running in this newer space.

(As a note, I am trying to get better with editing. Continue to bear with me while I learn “on the job”. Please note, I finally purchased a tripod for a steadier picture!)

Here are the links Mark mentions in our interview:

From a design point of view, we like to look at these sites for inspiration:

Other useful sites for keeping an eye on everything mobile: