Mobile Musings from July


July seems to have been a busy month on many fronts in the world of mobile, then again, isn’t every month?

Some hardware news that tickled my fancy:

The continued hubbub around the Dell Streak: you can now sign up for an ‘exclusive’ 24 hour pre-sales period. It was also spotted on engadet running Android 2.1, was slated for a ‘July end’ release; but wait… It is currently on the Dell site for sale “soon”.

BlackBerry bought the “BlackPad” domain, and it is rumored to be a 9.7 inch tablet with a November ‘introduction’. BlackBerry also scheduled a August 3rd event which is supposedly to introduce a new blackBerry slider running OS 6.

Speaking of BlackBerry OS6, some media for your perusing pleasure:

HP applied for a “PALMPAD” trademark which would cover “Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, mobile digital electronic devices”, not sure what else needs to be said really 🙂 Read about it more here and here.

In software news my favorite announcement came from the Symbian who are going to be partnering with PhoneGap. This will presumably mean effortless support for devices running Symbian, meaning you can have most of your mobile platform bases covered with PhoneGap. I wrote an article a while back regarding ‘Rapid Application Prototyping with PhoneGap’, and this news seems to solidify it’s place as a framework to seriously consider if you are developing for multiple platforms. Read about it here.

The fun news from July was seeing Ubuntu on the Nexus one, however this also came with sad news; you can no longer buy the device 🙁