Kevin Griffin

Spring into Mobile Application Development

Spring into Mobile Application Development Posted on November 19th, 2010 by Keith Donald in Spring. At SpringOne2gx we announced exciting new initiatives in the areas of social media and mobile application development. A few weeks ago, Craig Walls released Spring Social. Today, Roy Clarkson released Spring Mobile and Spring Android. In this post, I’d like … Read More

NFC. What does it all mean?

NFC: Near Field Communications: a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeter (around 4 inches) distance (via Wikipedia). Well that’s great, but what does it mean, especially when mentioned in conjunction with Gingerbread? As you may (or may not) have heard this week … Read More

Monthly Mobile Musings from September

Firstly I should apologize for being a few days late, September was a busy month! I had the privilege and pleasure of joining a top notch panel discussion at ‘Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic’ talking about mobile strategy. For anyone in the Philadelphia area interested/participating in mobile development, Mobile Monday is a must attend event, they have … Read More

Monthly mobile musings for August

August, appeared to me, to be the month of ‘Samsung’. They released/previewed/teased numerous handsets including the Seek, Flight II, Eternity II, Epic and Galaxy, and a few days ago released the Bada 1.0 SDK into the wild. Checkout the Samung Bada home for more details. There is also a developer book to go with it … Read More

Continuous Integration for iPhone

I was talking with a co-worker recently about Continuous Integration stacks for various platforms (because we are interesting like that, and because Chariot is running a CI event this fall). When we got onto the subject of iPhone he was surprised to hear how much of a complete stack was available, including unit, integration tests … Read More

Mobile Musings from July

July seems to have been a busy month on many fronts in the world of mobile, then again, isn’t every month? Some hardware news that tickled my fancy: The continued hubbub around the Dell Streak: you can now sign up for an ‘exclusive’ 24 hour pre-sales period. It was also spotted on engadet running Android … Read More

Mobile Musings from June

June has been a busy month for mobile, primarily because of Apple’s launch of iOS4 and the new iPhone (antenna woes and all). However, presenting an update on that would be too easy; here are a few things you might have missed in all the hubbub. CNET reported that merely weeks after Microsoft launch of … Read More

Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping with PhoneGap

There is no doubt that carving out a mobile presence is a priority for many companies offering any type of product or service, or for start ups looking to gain rapid exposure. The Apple App Store has over 100,000 apps on it, and the Android platform is gaining ground. Those are just the cool kids … Read More