Monthly Mobile Musings from September


Firstly I should apologize for being a few days late, September was a busy month!

I had the privilege and pleasure of joining a top notch panel discussion at ‘Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic’ talking about mobile strategy. For anyone in the Philadelphia area interested/participating in mobile development, Mobile Monday is a must attend event, they have some great topics coming soon and we had a great attendance for the panel discussion again. My thanks again to MOMO-MA for the opportunity to speak and to the audience for the great questions which drove our discussions. I posted my morning after thoughts on my blog.

So back to the mobile news, September saw an interesting trend in rumors regarding new Android Markets, both Verizon and Amazon(!?) were floated as potentially offering alternatives, perhaps fueling the fragmentation. Legit news about Android Market expansion has them now featuring submissions from 20 new countries and taking paid markets up to 32 countries.

In a month where I got excited (yet again) over a new handset, the Nokia N8 supposedly launching next month (running Symbian 3) coupled with the Nokia and AT&T developer competition got us thinking finally Nokia would get the respect they deserve here in the US. Then Samsung spoiled it all by announcing it’s plans to drop support at the years end, presumably to big up some WP7 love.

Speaking of WP7 love, I attended a Windows Phone 7 Fire-starter event here in Philly this month. My thoughts on that can be found on my blog. They are also having a launch event this month (October 11th) which engadget will be live at, check the details here.

Time for some Chariot house keeping, we have been hard at work getting ready for ETE 2011 (oh yes, already) and we have some *outstanding* mobile speakers already which will be announced soon, along with the rest of the line up. We are starting a mobile seminar series here in Philadelphia, starting on November 9th featuring a variety of talks and discussions, aimed at helping business identify their mobile needs and how to fulfill them.