Rod Biresch – introducing the W65C2655XSB microcontroller developer board for low-power applications

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Rod Biresch, one of our Software Engineers, recently wrote a blog post about the W65C265SXB developer board based on 65xx technology. The 265SXB was built around the W65C265S microcontroller. Inside the 265S is the W65C816S CPU, which was licensed over the years by companies like Apple, Nintendo, Atari, etc. This blog post kicks off a series of posts exploring 65xx technology and how it pertains to the IoNT (Internet of Nano Things) market.

I’m a software engineer working as a consultant for Chariot Solutions developing software solutions for clients to solve business problems. My path to becoming a software engineer started in hardware specifically integrated circuits while working at the Western Design Center (WDC) in the late 1980’s. It was at WDC where I learned how to layout circuits in a work-study program while studying Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. Later, I changed majors and finished school with a B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences…

The last few years I’ve been focused on mobile applications primarily developing native Android applications. It’s very satisfying building apps that run on devices that you can hold in your hands. A refreshing change from building enterprise server-side software that runs on virtual machines in a cloud located somewhere on this planet. I still enjoy developing apps for mobile devices however, I find myself wanting to get back to my roots and get “closer to the metal”…to quote my Uncle Bill Mensch who taught me about integrated circuits years ago. Uncle Bill and I continue to stay in contact and have had many discussions on technology, philosophy, Embedded Intelligence, business, and family.

So, I’m one of 11 million professional software developers in the world today. My goal is to explore 65xx technology and share my experiences through the eyes of a software engineer. The first step starts with the W65C265SXB.

Read more on Rod’s blog.