Spock It Like You Mean It!

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This post was just put up on the blog of one of our architects, Anatoly Polinsky.  Anatoly has a playful take on Spock, a Groovy testing framework, and specifically, abotu connecting Spock with Spring and DbUnit.

So here we go.. Yesterday night we hacked our way into The Ancient Database where besides the data about ancients themselves, we found incredible stats about many different living species of all the planets ancients traveled to.

So what do we do now? Well, we need a way to query/read this data. So we asked Sam to develop a reader ( ancients called it a ‘DAO’ ) to find a number of living species on each planet since the “beginning of time”.

So she did, and called this “species reader” a ‘SpeciesDao’.

We, of course, trust Sam. But in ancient technology, trust is always based on challenging the assumption by testing all the possible permutations. So we are calling Mr. Spock to help us out…

Sam of course used a well known ancient technique ( code name: Spring Framework ) to create a “species reader”, so Mr. Spock will use all the goodies of this technique to inject all the dependencies ( e.g. data source, a reader itself, etc.. ) for a test.

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