Philly ETE 2014 – David Turanski – Have You Seen Spring Lately?

Today’s Spring is easy to get started with, easy to learn, and embraces convention over configuration. Join Spring developer David Turanski as he takes you on a tour of today’s Spring, including the Spring.IO platform, Spring Boot, Websocket support, Spring HATEOAS, and more! This is a Spring you may not have seen yet.

ETE 2013 – Modern Spring Web Applications – Why it is time to care – David Turanski and Ken Rimple

What is the relevance of the Spring Framework in the age of the Javascript client application? How can we Spring developers leverage Spring APIs to provide security, REST support, and quick back-end development services? Find out in this talk where we cover how to build a single-page Web Application using Angular.JS, secured with Spring Security, tested with Spring MVC testing APIs, and rapidly develop the application using Spring Data.

TechCast #74 – Part 1 – An interview with Rod Johnson on the Spring Framework and Scala

This interview is a walk through the lead up to and the creation of the Spring Framework with no founder Rod Johnson. Recently, Rod left the company sponsoring Spring, VMware Corporation, and joined up as a board member of TypeSafe to advise them on the future of Scala and other projects. The podcast, then, is … Read More

Testing Spring Roo add-ons

This is a combination of a two-part article on Spring Roo and Testing I originally posted on rimple.com, where I write about Spring Roo topics periodically around my book, Spring Roo in Action., co-authored with InfoQ’s Srini Penchikala.. You may find more information about writing Roo add-ons from my recent ETE / Richmond JUG presentation, … Read More

Spring 3.1 – Constructor Namespace

Spring Namespaces Spring provides several namespaces to simplify XML configuration, such as jdbc, tx, aop, etc. We Spring developers are already familiar with the required beans namespace. Spring Namespaces are defined at the top of the XML file. Here we define the namespaces we need to use, and reference the schema (XSD) that validates the … Read More