The Philly Tech Startup Community

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Chariot Solutions was once a start up, way back in 2002. The beginning and the first few years were a roller coaster ride. And even though, we are now at the ripe old age of 7, I like to think we continue to operate with the spirit of a start up.

Because of our background, Chariot is a supporter of the Philadelphia tech start up community. Start ups are a vital part of the region and help bring news ideas and jobs to the area. Chariot is a great example as this. We began with 10 employees and now have 50 consultants on our payroll. We also are bringing the newest technologies for application development to the region.

There are many other stories like this in Philadelphia –, Monetate, GSI Commerce, Invite Media, – and there are more in the works. Chariot is a sponsor of the Founder Factory,, where the start up community comes together to learn from those who have been down this path, too.