Xcode3 – Debugging iOS Unit Tests

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A recent blog post by Hiedi Utley (no, she is not related to our knee challenged second baseman), Chariot’s newest team addition.  Hiedi has been working in our mobile practice.  She reviews some of the challenges of being a Java developer and moving to an iOS environment.

Here is an excerpt from this post:

So you have some unit tests (yeah!) and they are failing …. now what?

Over the course of my career these past few years, I have become a developer that writes more test code than production code in an effort to never have to spend the wee hours of the morning debugging a horrible production issue. As a java developer turned mobile developer, there are several things that I miss about coding in Java but the number one thing is unit tests.

Don’t get me wrong – I know what you are thinking – probably something along the lines of: “Do a little research dummy! Xcode has a nice Unit Test Bundle target that we can use to run unit tests! All you have to do is write them!” Right…

Or maybe after a little more googling around you may even point me to this excellent Apple documentation that explains the process of setting up and running my newly created unit tests but there is a huge section missing from this guide…