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Top Questions To Ask When Choosing an Android Development Firm or Developer

Now that we understand the implications and challenges of embarking on an Android project, let’s discuss how to find the right firm or developer for the job! You are ultimately responsible for the application – even if you go the outsourcing route. Things happen, disagreements happen, and turn over happens. The likelihood is high that … Read More

Testing Spring Roo add-ons

This is a combination of a two-part article on Spring Roo and Testing I originally posted on rimple.com, where I write about Spring Roo topics periodically around my book, Spring Roo in Action., co-authored with InfoQ’s Srini Penchikala.. You may find more information about writing Roo add-ons from my recent ETE / Richmond JUG presentation, … Read More

Xcode3 – Debugging iOS Unit Tests

A recent blog post by Hiedi Utley (no, she is not related to our knee challenged second baseman), Chariot’s newest team addition.  Hiedi has been working in our mobile practice.  She reviews some of the challenges of being a Java developer and moving to an iOS environment. Here is an excerpt from this post: So … Read More