DevNews #58 – The London Eye – of Sauron

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Links, please!

Note – I accidentally named Don Coleman our “Director of Development” when in fact, his official title is “Director of Consulting”… Duly noted. Ken Rimple

  • A nice, involved, deep tutorial on building a fantasy football league manager using AngularJS.
  • Vert.X has really come into its own – a great article by JavaWorld on version 2.0.
  • Duck, wait for the flash – here is Spring Scala. Now you can not only host scala-based Spring Beans, but define your bean contexts in a handy DSL ala the JavaConfig variant.
  • Spock (a groovy-based JUnit behavior-driven testing engine) keeps impressing Ken – he saw an ‘old()’ method that blew his mind. Several hours later, he got up and posted a link to this Blog article on mrhaki.
  • How about an Arduino networking board that can communicate up to more than a thousand meters! Wow! The boards are to be mesh-network capable too.
  • Since they’re both Spring Geeks, Sujan and Ken spend time discussing this 2011 article on the corner cases around transactional testing in Spring.
  • Somebody, go over and poke Progressive Enhancement with a stick. Is it dead yet? Maybe… Read Tom Dale’s take on the subject.
  • The link we’ve been waiting for – in London, a lens was formed by a building’s curved windowed surface that MELTED A CAR – well a bit. Read this fascinating verge article on it.