DevNews #97 – Day 1 of Philly ETE 2015

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Annnnnnd ETE begins! Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is Chariot’s annual tech conference for developers, by developers. To kick off our coverage, I sat down with two of our consultants, Michael Pigg and Sujan Kapadia, to discuss our day, talk about talks, and geek out about all the cool new toys we can’t wait to play with.

We discuss…

  • Some of our favorite talks of the day
  • Breaking Keyboard Cat, ECMAscript 6, and where JavaScript is heading
  • TC39 – biological virus? Spaceship?
  • Core.async, Ember 2.0, and why we can’t wait to play with Glimmer

And of course, you can view the talk presentations and screencasts on our site.