TechCast #16 – Ken Interviews DreamIt startup TapInko

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In this third interview about startups and technology, Ken interviews two of the founders of TapInko, a marketplace for buying and selling ads.  Ken spoke to Nicolas Warren and John Newell, who architected their application in Microsoft .NET.

What we find interesting about these three ventures is the differences in approach.  One team focused on getting ideas out quickly, another focused on application development using a combination of PHP and Python, and this team focused on .NET and building out an application framework first.  Listen to this team’s approach, as we start in the middle of a conversation about building software out of nothing.  (I need to credit that quote to Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmer…)

Correction: I had originally mentioned that John Valentine was an interviewee, but it was, in fact, John Newell. My apologies.