TechCast #24 – Dan Allen on Seam, Part 2

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Last Thursday I had an opportunity to sit down with Dan Allen and talk about the Seam Framework.  Dan was a great resource for learning about Seam.  This is the second of a two-part interview, where we focus on the future of Java EE 6, including JSR-299, formerly known as WebBeans, and how Seam will change as the Java EE specification evolves.  We also discuss varying front-end technologies such as Flex and AJAX, and a bit about workflow.

Resources we mentioned in the talk include:

  1. Granite DS  – – A Flex remoting framework that includes support for Seam as well as other platforms such as Guice, Spring and POJOs
  2. Flamingo – Another Flex (and JavaFX) remoting framework that exposes Seam and Spring services using a variety of protocols including AMF and Hessian.
  3. The JSR-299 Specification.  Dan claims it is a decent read and it seems to be  something every Java EE developer needs to be aware of at some point in the near future.

His upcoming talk at the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference on March 27th covers implementing Security in Seam.  Dan is the author of Manning’s book, Seam In Action, which can be purchased in paper or PDF form.  He recently became a Red-Hatter, which he blogs about at his blog/website,  You can also find him on, a blog site running on JBoss Seam that covers topics such as Seam, JBoss Tools, WebBeans, Eclipse, and RichFaces.  His twitter ID is #mojavelinux.

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