TechCast #25 – Emmanuel Bernard on Bean Validation JSR-303 and Hibernate Search

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In this podcast, we speak to JBoss’s Emmanuel Bernard on the future of validation using JSR-303, the Bean Validation framework. JSR-303 aims to provide an annotation-driven mechanism to mark plain old java beans with annotations, such as @NotNull, @Min, @Max, and can support custom validation annotations as well.

JSR-303 is part of the Java EE 6 suite of JSRs and will be used automatically out of the box by frameworks such as JSF 2.0. Emmanuel also goes into some detail about the current state of Hibernate Search. Useful links:

  1. Hibernate Validator (4.0.0, which is currently in alpha 3, is the reference implementation of JSR-303).
  2. The Bean Validation RI RoadMap, which contains a link to useful resources such as the updated JSR (more up-to-date here than on the JSR page itself).
  3. Emmanuel’s Hibernate Search in Action, published by Manning, and co-authored with John Griffin.
  4. Hibernate Search Project Homepage
  5. JSF 2.0 and JPA 2.0 project homepages
  6. Emmanuel Bernard’s blog, No Relation To.