TechCast #30 – Interview with’s Anthony Casalena (and sponsorship announcement)

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I had been listening to Leo Laporte’s tremendous This Week in Tech (or MacBreak Weekly) podcast, and found out about from the show. The crew was raving about how easy it was to use to publish web content, and how it blew away WordPress in terms of productivity. So I set up a free trial for my personal account and was also suitably impressed. In doing research I found that SquareSpace is a Java-based platform, so, since the Chariot TechCast focuses on successful Java platforms, it made for a great fit. I did an interview a few weeks ago with the creator and co-founder,
Anthony Casalena, who is responsible for the technology backing the site.

You’ll hear how Anthony created the site primarily to solve his own frustration with using blogging tools, and how the technologies are applied to serve a large number of customers on a handful of actual servers. During the lineup of the interview, SquareSpace offered us a sponsorship, and we accepted. If you use the keyword ‘TECHCAST’ during your free trial to register for a plan, you’ll get 10% off the cost of any of their plans.

Technologies mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Apache OJB – Object Relational Mapping API for Java
  2. Apache Tomcat – web application server
  3. SQL Server – relational databases