TechCast #37 – Alex Miller on Java Concurrency

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Our interview with Alex Miller focused on his work on Java Concurrency and also on Terracotta, the clustering technology which replicates graphs of Java objects between multiple Java virtual machines.

Developers working in environments needing high concurrency should definitely review the most recent Java Concurrency API.

Here are links to some of the topics we spoke about:

  1. Alex’s DZone Core Java Concurrency Refcard is located here and is a good start for researching the Java 6 concurrency features. Of particular note is Table 1 on Page 1, which lists the key concepts that should be understood before delving into solving concurrency related problems.
  2. Discussion of various thread management mechanisms, which include Task Executors
  3. Discussion of Locks versus the traditional synchronized keywords, and ReadOnly and ReadWrite lock mechanisms
  4. Concurrent Maps, CopyOnWriteArraySet and CopyOnWriteArrayList (among others) provide map, list and set semantics, but are optimized for highly concurrent access in reading and manipulating these collections
  5. You can read Alex’s blog postings on
  6. The Lambda Lounge is located in St. Louis, and is located at
  7. The Strange Loop Conference website is available at

Enjoy, and thanks, Alex!