TechCast #38 – Rob Harrop on Spring dm Server and OSGi

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Rob Harrop is the lead engineer on SpringSource dm Server, and is a key contributor at SpringSource.  He co-authored Pro Spring, a seminal work in helping developer understand how to best use the Spring Framework.

In this podcast, I talk to Rob about OSGi and the Spring dm Server.  We discuss the state of OSGi development, how it differs from traditional web-based Spring application development, and recent advancements in the technology.

We also briefly discuss the recent merger announcement with VMWare corporation.  Point of disclosure: Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource development and training partner.

Show Notes:

  1. The official OSGi R4 specification can be found here.
  2. Information about the SpringSource dm Server can be found on the SpringSource Team Blog, and on the official site.
  3. The RFC66 specification (standard OSGi web container) is not yet published, but Rob has a good post from May outlining how dm Server approaches implementing a draft version.
  4. Lots of information about Spring dm Server can be found on the developer forums.

Coming in October is the SpringOne 2GX conference, and in November we will offer a one-day seminar on Grails, Spring’s agile Groovy-based web development platform, with Jeff Brown of SpringSource.