TechCast #42 – Chariot’s Eric Snyder on Apache CouchDB


Chariot’s Eric Snyder works in both Java, Spring-based applications as well as with dynamic platforms such as Ruby on Rails.  He brought CouchDB to our attention earlier this year, and we thought we’d share some information about it with our listeners.  Apache CouchDB is a RESTful web-centric document-based database system written in Erlang.  It can be used either directly using RESTful mechanisms or via a wrapper API in a number of languages.


  1. – project website
  2. – CouchDB: Relaxing Offline JavaScript (Google Tech Talk)
  3. – CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

APIs (small subset)

  1.– ruby API
  2.– ruby API (higher level layer on top of couchrest)
  3. – python API
  4. – Java-based CouchDB API