TechCast #7 – Andy Oswald on Running Ubuntu Linux on a MacBook Pro

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If you’re at all adventurous, you’ve probably loaded Linux on a PC sometime in your life.  Some of us avoid that pain by running (screaming) to Mac OS X, where we have a nice, pretty view of the world behind shiny and metallic, stylin’ boxes.

Not Andy Oswald.  He’s a tried-and-true Linux OS guy (Ubuntu, actually).  When given a Mac Mini to play with, he really enjoyed kicking the tires, playing with those fun apps, but when it got down to brass tacks, he felt more at home on Linux.

Once Andy got his MacBook Pro, he dug around and found a small community of users running Ubuntu on the Mac.  And he’s now one of them.  Learn how he fared by listening in.  If you do this yourself, we highly recommend thinking twice, backing up, and using the right machine for the job (NOT YOUR WORK ONE!)

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