TechCast #9 – Web Framework Shootout, Part 2 (Language)

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Today we feature the second of a two part session from the 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference.  The session, entitled “Web Framework Shootout,” was assembled and moderated by by Manning co-founder Marjan Bace and was one of the highlights of the conference.  Speakers included Yehuda Katz,  Chad Davis, Max Carlson, Robert Hansen, Bear Bibeault, Chris Richardson, Dan Allen, Emanuel Bernard, Peter Armstrong and Obie Fernandez.  Quite a group!

I have lightly edited the quiet patches, and edited out one or two questions where people were speaking off mic and nobody responded.  If you hear dropouts, it’s because of those reasons, no major content was left out.

This half does contain a few curse words and some heated debates.  There is a very interesting exchange between the Java and Ruby camps.