TechCast #111 – ETE 2019 Keynote Jessica Kerr

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In this episode, host Ken Rimple talks to Jessica Kerr about how we work with software, and how Atomist, the automation tool that she engineers, makes delivery easier. They discuss the current state of open source, making sense of documentation, and why software is such an exciting field to be in right now. Jessica also shares some of the insights she’s gleaned from ‘working out loud’ and solving software problems in real time on her Twitch stream

Jessica is bookending this year’s Philly ETE conference – she’s our opening day keynote speaker, and is doing another talk on the last day, in the last time slot. Come see both of them! Her keynote is entitled Collective Problem Solving: Music, Science, Software. The other talk she’ll be doing also centers on collaboration, called Principles of Collaborative Automation. She’s an ETE veteran, so if you’ve seen her there before, you know what a compelling speaker she is.

Where to find Jess: